Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tale of the Scale: 7/31

Weight this morning: 125#. Unchanged from last week.

Damn! Considering that for 4 days I ate what was served me and the only exercise I got was walking, I'm considering this a successful week.

I'm still taking things easy because of this cough/cold thing I have. Last week I cancelled my session with Guido, but did get in for one personal workout. It felt so good to get those muscles working. But after today's session, Guido told me to stay tomorrow and continue to rest and heal. Imagine a trainer telling you to NOT workout.

So my weekly plan is a bit up in the air:

Wednesday: no gym. Walk the dogs and gently do some floor exercises at home. Take lots of vitamin C and think about making some chicken soup.

Thursday: workout with Guido. If I'm still feeling less-than 100%, it will be a lighter workout; if I'm feeling healed, he's going to push me.

Friday: cardio and atability.

Saturday: rest.

Sunday: hopefully get back on schedule.