Sunday, August 05, 2007

Playing with Web MD.

I first got a head cold on July 20th. It was getting better within a week, when it decided to settle in my throat with a dry, hacking cough. This past week, it's added swollen glands too. It hasn't gotten better, and I'm trying to decide if I should call the doctor tomorrow for a visit.

yes, I am going to call.

Anyway in an (uh-hum) effort to be better prepared for this visit, I decided to use WebMDs Symptom checker to see if a trip to doc might be a waste a time. (I was inspired by a recent episode of The Closer. Poor Brenda appears to be entering peri-menopause. Her entire crew is in danger!) Entered my symptoms as best as as could:

cough; tender,swollen glands; sore throat; stiff neck; hoarse voice. I didn't get the chance to enter that I'm really low energy.

The top likely conditions are:

Viral pharyngitis (duh! that's a sore throat)
Common Cold (unlikely after 24 days... I think).
Strep Throat (where I'm placing my money).

sounds reasonable all, but then they go on to suggest:
spinal meningitis
indoor allergens
Swollen glands (well, again, duh!! I told them I had swollen glands. the question is why??)
asceptic meningitis
chemical pneumonia
congestive heart failure
lung cancer

Well, I guess they covered all the bases. The only thing they missed is Stress.

I'll take bets in comments on what you think the doc will decide!