Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tale of the Scale:8/28

Weight: 124#. down most of a pound. Don't know if I'm burning it from the middle where it needs to disappear from, or where.

Saturday, while walking the dogs and using a chucker to throw balls for Jake, I tweaked the nerve and tendon in my shoulder. By the time I got to the car, my hand was a little bit numb. It was a major step that I admitted it to Guido a couple days ago.

Now we are having the argument: how long do we work out without doing anything using my arms. I say this week, he says at least 2 weeks maybe longer. Two stubborn souls will be butting heads on this for a while.

Today we did stability moves and legs. Then Guido stretched out my hips and lower back. Oh. My. God. It hurt.. but in that good way that you don't mind, though you're glad when it's done. He said he was not happy with my flexibility and figures I'm doing all I can. So once a week, we're adding these stretches to the routine.

In a month I'm through my current training contract, and will be going solo for 3 months. I am taking that time to learn how to workout on my own, to take some of the group classes, to maybe find a workout buddy. To believe that I can do this alone. That when I choose to go back to training, it's because I want it not because it I need to lean on Guido to get this workout done.

I'm sad every session when I realize that I'm that much closer to going on my own.

And after today's stretching session... I'm going to miss these workouts even more.


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