Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tale of the Scale: 9/11

weight: 124#

I need to do a measure and pinch analysis to get my lean/fat proportions figured out.

I'm finally getting this working with a trainer thing straight and I'm about to stop working with him for 3 months. Darn.

Yesterday while working out, the toe I'd had surgery on hurt when I bent it doing lunges. And it kept hurting when I got home. So I called my podiatrist and will see him today. He's probably going to say that something is weak or stressed and needs some stretching or specific exercises. Plus some ice/heat and NSAID of my choice.

No biggie I thought.

Went to my workout, told my trainer like a good little do- bee, and then argued with him for 10 minutes about whether we could do a workout at all today. We ended up not. (and I was looking forward to getting stretched!) sigh.

And he won't work me out again until I get a note from my podiatrist saying it's OK.

It was kind of funny. Guido and I are very much alike, so our back and forth this morning resembled nothing more than two sides of the same personality arguing with itself. The observer part of me thought the whole interplay was hysterical, and I kept noticing that both of us were figuring out how to mentally maneuver the other over to our side.

Let me say right now, that he did not win. I just decided that I'd lost too much precious time arguing to get a complete workout and it wasn't worth expending more energy just to win. Besides, it's always helpful to have your trainer on your side.

Not only did I not get a workout, but the gym scale says I've gained 1#. I wonder if I'll be able to forge a believable note from the podiatrist??

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