Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today is one of those days we all have: major distractions imposing themselves and I simply must accomodate. My horoscope for today said:

Discord makes you crave security. Things are OK as long as you're not alone. The world still needs your music. Find other ways to harmonize.

When I first read it, I loved the line about harmonizing; but, when I thought about today, I realized it meant something completely different.

Let me explain the plan so far:

A young man, let's nickname him "flip boy" for now, is showing up to work on my deck. I had hoped that he could simply unscrew the screws holding the decking on, flip the boards over and screw them down. Nope. The idjets who originally build the deck HID toe-nailed nails along the lengths of the boards. When he tries to lift up the decking, it catches, tears and breaks. This is redwood folks. 10'x40' of redwood.

Nobody wants to tear up a still fairly good redwood deck.

So today, flip boy is going to repair the part of the deck that is open to the ground below. Twelve feet below. He is also going to try and work on popping the boards up off the supports from below. That means he will be standing on a ladder under my deck pounding on boards over his head with a sledge.

Understand. Under no circumstances will he be doing that work alone. I'll be right there with him, cell phone ready to call 911. Cause I don't need flip boy flipping off the ladder, falling and hurting himself. He has a brand new baby girl who needs him. And my home owners insurance is high enough, TYVM.

While that adventure is taking place outside, another man will be cleaning all the floors plus one chair in our house. No place to run, no place to hide.

So the dogs and I will temporarily run away. I'll walk them, then take to the pet store, where they clean up any dropped food in the dog food aisles. Hopefully by the time we return indoor guy will be almost done and all I'll have to do is pay him. (the dogs will be staying in the car for the duration), and flip boy will just be about ready to start playing on the ladder after some lunch.

Somewhere this afternoon, I have to come up with an idea for my BlogHer posts this weekend. (if you know a knitting blogger who's talking about a health thing, please let me know. Except Cara's pregnancy, or the labor day post at Big Yellow House. I've already got those.)

One other idea (more than likely essay-like in form) will develop while walking, I hope. Though lately I usually mull over the ideas of "chosen family".. how to describe and embrace it. How to react to those to scoff or reject it. How to make it more (something real... ). But an article inspiration.. I'll work on that today.

So it looks like my harmony today will be blending with other schedules, and escaping the discord of too many "cooks in the kitchen." sigh.

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