Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tale of the Scale: Week of 12/16

Weight: the same. Inspite of 5 holiday parties last week!

Thank God I'm almost done with my self-imposed 3 months without a trainer! Although I've learned things these past weeks, I am so over it!!

What I've learned:

I can make appointments with myself and honor them. Whenever I've planned on going to the gym, I have gone. First time anxiety has completely disappeared.

I can make myself do tasks even when I don't want to, if I've written them down and committed to them. I plan a week's worth of workouts, so I'm not flailing around at the last minute searching for something to do. Even when my heart, mind and concentration isn't into it, I follow my plan. (Can we just call me a good German girl??). I wonder if I can extend this into other parts of my life?

I have assessed my workouts and increased weights when appropriate.

Now the down sides:

I don't like taking classes any more than I used to. Nope. Just not a workout class type. While this is OK, it seems that without taking classes, I won't be making/meeting a workout buddy in the gym. And a workout buddy would be so much fun!!

I have no imagination in planning my workouts. I'm basically doing what I was doing 3 months ago. And I've bored myself near to tears.

While working with Guido, we were moving toward more and more unstable exercises (working the core all the time), as I've worked by myself I've moved to more stable and safe. Again, boring!

It's harder to coordinate schedules with friends to workout together than one would expect. Minnie.. let me know when Jack (it is Jack, right?) can go into daycare, so I can call you!

This fitness thing is still not a part of my "normal" lifestyle, yet! If I did not go into a gym for 2 weeks, I could probably stop going in altogether. This shocks me every time I realize it.

While I've change the way I eat over the past year, when I get lazy and don't plan I fall back on old habits. Not a shock, I've been working on the work-out thing even longer and I just admitted that that's not ingrained yet. I feel better when I eat the way I wish to (fruit, veggie, whole grain based diet with just a little animal flesh...), but I'm not yet thinking this way. It's a whole different level of habit!

My health and fitness is still a work in progress. And I still need help along the way. I made a change in my membership at the gym, which gave me 5 sessions with a trainer. Can't wait until January to start putting them to use!

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