Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tale of the Scale: Happy New Year!

Weight: 120# at home; 124# at the gym. Hey, this is down 3# at the gym. Yeah, it's probably that I ate or drank a bit less before going in today. The scale at home has been consistant.

I've missed a week of working out because of a cold. Beyond the basic tenet: when you're sick, stay home... the chest congestion simply wouldn't let me breathe comfortably enough to consider tackling 30 minutes of cardio.

So today was a "welcome back" day. Forty-five minutes of cardio at about 70% of max heart rate; then 45 minutes of stability work: 3 kinds of ball crunchs; then with a stretchy band: standing rows, shoulder rotations, arm presses and bicep curls. (because we cannot forget those upper arms!)

Tomorrow a light weight workout and then hit the gym hard again starting on Sunday.

The only significant notice this week was that when I'm lazy or let myself slip back into the way I was cooking and eating just 6 months ago.. it's much too easy to do. I am committing to a different way of eating; no more time off.

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