Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tale of the Scale: week of 1/27

Hey, it's been a while since I updated my workouts, hasn't it? When things are staying pretty much the same, there really isn't a whole lot to talk about.

My weight has stablized and the latest body fat analysis has gotten my body fat down to 24%. THIS finally puts me in the healthy range!


This week I've had a couple really lousy workouts. Sunday and Monday I was in an iffy mood on Sunday.. and simply couldn't make myself do what I had planned. Monday, the gym was so busy that it was hard to get to much equipment.

I just wasn't able to get my mojo working.

Today was better: did some interval training for my cardio. Did three different kinds of ball crunches plus some incline planks. Then worked my biceps and triceps. (the plan for the day).

Ya know I do these crunch sets at least twice a week.. sometimes 3 times. You'd think that my body would be used to them by now.. but no. They make me feel them later.

Tomorrow is a full-body run-through with Guido (who's been out sick with the flu). Thank goodness I get two days rest after that.

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