Friday, February 01, 2008

Zodiac-whacky, the February edition

I'm continuing to mourn that Laurie at Crazy Aunt Purl has stopped her funny horroscopes. While she is still funny enough to make to cry, those darned horoscopes were the reason I started reading her to begin with. And she, like me, is a crabby-crab.

I have two other astrologers who send me their wisdom now. The first is Phyllis Firak-Mitz who Laurie used for a while as her surrogate. Not bad as an astrologer, but not nearly as funny.

I was struck this month with the quote she used to introduce Cancer:

Cancers recognize the potential inherent in situations...they “sense” opportunities that might be quite subtle or hidden. Cancer’s sensitivity gives them an alliance with women. It gives them the edge in female-related businesses.” P.110
She went to tell me:

RELATIONSHIPS are where the action is for you all through 2008, this February included. Lucky Jupiter and Magnetic Venus are working on your behalf to draw fascinating and life-changing people into your sphere. You can move into new circles now, Cancer, ones that expose you to a bigger, more impressive world than you’re used to. These planets can also take your current relationships to the next level.

If you want to get engaged, married, or simply connect with an outstanding business partner this could be your year! That said, this could also be the year that you finally have the gumption to dump a relationship that just doesn’t work, even if it means bringing legal proceedings. Whatever your destiny holds, shifts in partnerships are part of it.

Now Phyllis is nice and all, but KT, the astrologer at BlogHer doesn't do a monthly prediction. She gives a look at the year and a daily. Let's see if there is anything key in the year for February:
Regarding money matters, three separate eclipses in February and August will affect your finances. Don't worry! This doesn't mean you'll lose all your cash and valuables, but it does indicate that your concern for these resources will peak at these times. Given your emotional nature, these months could be quite a roller coaster ride. Make it a point not to act in a panic. Wait until you're calm and your usual shrewd perspective returns.
Great! The market is on a roller-coaster ride.. no wonder I'm concerned about my finances. I will not panic and sell off all my stocks...

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