Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tale of the Scale: More on Miracles and Mysteries

What are you doing right this moment? (well, duh.. you are reading my blog!) Are you reading this because it's what you do during your lunch break? Or early evening? Because it popped up on your RSS feed as new so you clicked through?

Is it a habit?

One of the small experiments I'm playing with is examining all the habits that shape my day. Do they serve a worthwhile purpose? Advance me in some way? Or do they serve to keep me stuck, treading water, not changing or growing? Habits make us lazy. They do not require our attention, they do not require thought, they do not require change. In many of these ways, habits are not good. (well, putting my keys in the same place is a good habit.. but many habits aren't good).

This examining of habits is the mystery of change that I'm working on now.

At the same time, I'm working with an acupuncturist. Had my first visit Monday. In talking with Denise, she believes that a wide range of my problems can be attributed to anxiety and stress. It's blocked energy from my liver, leading to that pesky fat not burning off. It's blocked body in my back leading to less than complete healing after my surgery last year. It's left my hands and feet like icicles. And, oh yeah... the ability to make a simple decision? Not so simple.

So I was gently stuck with needles front and back. Denise says many people feel a pulsing or warmth or energy where the needles are placed. I felt not a thing. Could not have identified where a single spot was after they were placed.

I did start to cry half way through the first part of the treatment. Quietly.
I did feel all warm through my torso during the second part of the treatment. That warmth lasted several hours.
I have not had cold hands or feet since I left there.

I'm taking this all as signs. If I don't get the pulsing energy, but I and calmer and more balanced I don't care.

As one part of shakin' up my routine, I'm taking off for 4 days along the Monterey bay. Will spend hours walking the beach (camera in hand), time writing even though I'm offline, time being with friends. Time doing something different.

Have a good weekend yourself, filled with your own miracles and mysteries..

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