Friday, March 07, 2008

Tale of the Scale: week of 3/2

I spent the first weekend in March at the beach with some friends. Two long walks on Saturday, one on Sunday were great restoratives for soul and mind. They didn't do my legs any harms either.

Monday I did a simple leg workout on my own. I was a bit disappointed in myself; I set the weights at a level where it possible to do 3 sets of 15 reps on each machine. I was feeling the burn by the end of the 2nd and 3rd set, but I go through them. Which means I set the weights too light. I let myself off easy instead of challenging myself to go a bit further.

There is something about increasing weights that scares me. It makes my chest tighten and breathe catch. I don't trust myself. When I push through and accomplish something, I feel proud. Wish I could remember that emotion when I'm dithering with 30# or 35#?

When my confidence and trust in myself is low at all, it shows in my workout. The physical becomes a manifestation for the mental. Hmm.. Another way to attack my confidence issues.

My workout Wednesday with Guido was all stability and balance. I was a bit unhappy at the end, because my body didn't feel pushed to the limit. However, I'd begun the day feeling very raw and emotional and on the edge. The concentration involved in having to balance for the better part of an hour pushed my brain to another place. I was more focused when I left the gym.

Another piece of the puzzle. I know hitting the cardio HARD when I'm feeling that uncertainty and edginess helps, now I've got real memory that balance work can be a tool then, too. OK, I'm checking out the yoga classes!

As part of my Shake It Up challenge, I've had 2 workouts in the late afternoon this week. Today I'm surprising my body by showing up a day later, but less than 24 hours later. So far, all the effects of this have been mental and not physical. Still not a waste.

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