Saturday, March 08, 2008

Preposition Me.. Part One

Simple exercise. Take the prepositions and use them to describe yourself. One individually or several grouped together could then become the basis for a great work. Here are the first 10, or all the "a's" as it works out.

Alternately, a great way to organize and store descriptive phrases that you use/hear during the day.

  • About as happy as I appear at any given moment.
  • Above catty gossip, but not above the occasional snide remark.
  • Across the political spectrum.. socially liberal but fiscally conservative. This makes me ??
  • After Peace of Mind
  • Against assumptions, Reactive behavior, the dismissive use of "whatever"...
  • Along San Pablo Bay in California
  • Amid black dogs
  • Among a couple strong communities of women.
  • Around the block from predictableAt the best stage of my life (I hope).
  • At the best stage of my life. (I hope)

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