Friday, March 21, 2008

Tale of the Scale: Real World Workout

Every Saturday evening or Sunday morning, I plan out my week. What are my commitments, where do I need to go? How will I get 2 days rest in a row but not more?

That last one is more challenging than it sounds.

This week, I hit the gym on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday morning, I contemplated heading into the gym; a simple walk around the house had my body complaining: Have you heard of rest, lady? With plans for Friday and Saturday, it looked like I would go three days without a workout.

That 3 day break makes me edgy. Actually, I worry about committing mayhem and murder. I could argue it's justifiability, but would a judge "get it"? "Your Honor, I just had to push something!! HARD!!!"

Fortunately, it is spring in Northern California and my garden needs some word done: beds need turning, plants need pruning, compost needs spreading, garden waste needs hauling. Yeah, this is steady-paced work, not the intensity of what I do in the gym.

Re-read that list of work: there is squatting, pushing, pulling. There is moving in all directions. There are challenges to limbs and the constant requirement to engage the core. Because it isn't as intense, I can work longer. Because it's not as intense, it doesn't feel like work.

Add sunshine to that. It's all good!

So until I've worked my way through all my spring chores, I'll be adding an almost daily dose of real-world working out to my plans. Wonder what this will do to those rest days?

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