Friday, April 25, 2008

One of my Faves

Thursday I got to do one of my favorite workout routines. I can't say why I like it so, just know it makes me happy. It also tends to earn me lots of nods and looks from the guys I'm working around, so it can't be all bad!

It's all upper body all the time with a lot of Stable/Unstable Super Set combinations.

1. Assisted Dips. 3 sets/15. (Nice thing about assisted dips. You set the machine to counter-balance part of your body weight, so you don't have to dip the whole thing. I'm actually working about 40-50# load).

2. Bench Press SuperSet. Move immediately from 2a to 2b without rest. Then give yourself about 45 seconds rest before starting again.

2a. Standard Bench Press, either flat or incline. 3 sets/15. I've started raising my legs up on the flat bench to get a bit more core work in during these moves.

2b. Unstable Bench. Sit on a swiss/exercise ball with an 8# weight in each hand. Roll down until the body is in bridge position with just your head/neck supported on the ball. Keep your hips up. 3 sets/20. Your hands come down slightly wider but not as low as on the stable bench. Do 1 arm presses. Begin with both arms over your head, lower only one arm and press up. Keep your body straight.

3. Row/Bicep Curl Super Set. Again, move from 3a to 3b without stopping and rest after completely both moves.

3a. I use the cable set-up to do one arm rows. 3 sets/ 15 reps each side. You can do seated rows, two arm rows, and stand on one leg to get lots of variety out of this.

3b. Standing One Legged Bicep Curls. 3 sets/10 reps on each foot. I use the 20# bar or 2 10# hand weights. Stand on one leg, straight and balanced. Squeeze weights up and slowly release the weight back down. If you concentrate on the curl, the balance seems to come more easily. Think about the balance and I can wobble fiercely.

4. Lat Pulldown/ Unstable Tricep Pushdown.

4a. Staying at the cable station, I do your standard Lat Pulldowns. Of course, 3 sets/15 most of the time. (I often like to finish this one up with a drop set and see how many reps I can complete before total fatigue).

4b. One legged tricep pushdowns. 3 sets/10 reps on each foot.Make sure the weight is fairly light (I pull the pin out and go with the lightest setting).

Throw some extra stretches in at the end to make sure you're not too sore later. I'm usually walking down to the shower with a big honkin' grin on my face after this!

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