Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mental Bench Pressing

I think it's funny.

After my workout today, I paid a visit to my local library. Paid off my big, fat overdue library fine, and got my name removed from the "big, bad borrrowers list".

It's not my fault, really! I rely - rely - on the library's email reminder that something is due. Somehow I got removed from that list. I don't necessarily keep the checkout receipts, because I rely on the email.. so the books were all a little late. It's the library's fault for not reminding me, right?? Right? I know; grow up and act like a responsible adult.

Anyway, I checked out two books from the psychology section (155s?? is that psych?) in the library. One on identifying and using your unique gifts and the other making the right decisions at the right time. Harmless enough, and I may actually get something out of them.

The funny part? Their titles:

Pumping Inner Iron

Remember, I had just come from the gym.

Wonder what I would have picked up had I come from somewhere else, like my 2 hour dentist appointment or a session with the financial planner??
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