Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bout Damn Time!


Trainer Guido and I did the regular "weights and measures" thing today; I usually dread this because whatever success I've had on the weight loss side, I have never been able to get lean. The frustration and disappointment in Guido's voice has always made me dislike the whole exercise. Still it's valuable information for me to know. Important keys to what's going on with me.

Remember, even though I have been at my goal weight for 4 months now, these measurements have always shown that I was still not at a healthy lean body mass. We lost all my old records when I changed memberships at the gym (sigh.. I forgot to ask to get them printed out before they disappeared). When I started, though, I was at 160# and about52% body fat. That means I had about 83# of fat.

My current history only goes back to 1/31/08. At which time I weighed 124# with 31% body fat that works out to 38.3# of fat. That's when Guido switched by diet completely around emphasizing a lot more protein, fewer carbs and a bit more fat (most of it mono-unsaturated).

In the last few weeks everyone has mentioning to me that I'm looking better. Women mention it in the locker room; the few guy friends I know mention it while we're pushing weights. I've shrunk out my bras again. So I was actually looking forward to today.

And the results are in:

I've lost 2.8# of fat and built 3.3# of lean muscle while losing a total of 6" in body measurements.

And I'm finally down to 28.5% body fat. I'm in the healthy range for the first time in decades!

I'm aiming for something more like 24% so there's still work to be done, but I seem to be on the right path for this part of the journey.

Bout Damn Time!

To show how much I've changed in the past 18 months, I'm rewarding myself not with KFC or donuts but with a nice tall protein shake! And maybe a Guinness this evening.

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