Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Putting Things Down on Paper

It's odd that there are things I can only write about online and there are things that I can only write about on paper.

It's both writing. The meaning of the words shouldn't change by the medium. Yet it does.

And it's NOT because blogging something makes it public. Well, part if it might be, but I could write a private document, using keystrokes instead of pen and paper. And yet...

And yet, there are times when I need to slow down my thinking process to get to the kernel of truth hiding in the words. The speed of keystrokes mean I don't get deep. Or I get too deep to quickly. Either way, I miss that path I need to take. The road to the truth that at that moment I need to find.

I'm quiet not because I have nothing to say, but because right now I need to say it more slowly than I can sitting at my laptop. I need to chew through some ideas letter by letter instead of word-thought by word-thought.

Process. It's a funny thing. I'm hoping that soon I'll have worked through these ideas niggling at my heart and actually have something to talk about in a more spit-out-my-thoughts-in-a-running-monologue kind of way.

Til I do, it's paper and ink and quiet time.

Tomorrow: a Tale of the Scale. Atleast I can do that.
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