Friday, May 30, 2008

Doing Better

I've mostly gotten my workout mojo back. After it took a short sabbatical to the land of discouragement and frustration, my mojo has decided that it's really better off simply heading to the gym and getting the work done.

Note to self: when I feel that frustration level again, I have to call Maria or somebody and workout with them. Some partner stuff. A few laughs. Maybe step my own workout back a notch or two so I can feel some successes.

I've set a new goal for myself. This is one that Zandria has expressed, too, but I am putting my goal on a clock:

On October 16th, I will do an unassisted pull-up.

Guido thinks I already can do one. Part of me is egging myself: when we work out together next to ask him to help me see if this is true. Part of me wants to hold back.

Today I was able to "practice" for this with regular lat pull-downs (the assisted pull-up machine had a line!). I managed 3 sets at 60#, so I'm about 1/2 to my goal. And a 1x rep instead of a set? Maybe Guido is right.

Shoot. I want to aim for a hard goal that I accomplish on October 16th. OK, I'll solicit any suggestions from my peanut gallery. (MizFit.. I am talking to you!)

What's so special about that date? This will be the second anniversary of my first workout this time around. My first session with Guido. My first step to where I am today. It's a big day for me. Last year I marked it privately and quietly. This year, I want to celebrate it.

Question is HOW?

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