Friday, May 23, 2008

Just Add A Friend

Found at least one secret to having fun in a workout again: add a friend.

My friend Maria has wanted me to join her at her cool, fun workout facility for some time. I don't know why it hasn't happened before, but today was my first time.

We had a nice session with her great trainer, Jessica, doing squats and push ups and tricep works and balance stuff. Some of it was hard; some of it was easy. The interesting thing: what was hard for me was easy for Maria. What was easy for me was hard for Maria. So we each acted like a mental incentive for the other to do more.

(No, I'm not saying we're competitive individuals. Well, yes I am!)

Maria set her personal record for push ups. And she did her age in pushups! I set my personal record for pushups in a row (20), and I did her age in pushups. I'm lucky Jennifer didn't make me do MY age in pushups. It would have been harder.

For the record, Maria rocks the BOSU, and is so much better now than those pictures from January!

Happy birthday, Maria. Now are you willing to come to my gym for MY birthday? (especially if I get the fabulous Guido to train us both??)

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