Monday, May 19, 2008

Workout: The BOB

I usually do this workout late in the week, when I know I’ll have a full two days to recover. It’s not one I’ve seen written up anywhere, and it really needs a companion workout The FOB. The BOB is a workout that targets the entire Back of the Body.

Somewhere I read a discussion that people do exercises for the front of the body because they can see them in the mirrors while the do them, and they tend to get the notice in public. We talk about biceps, chest, abs. Always we talk about abs. But who looks at someone and says: Wow, check out their lats! Those are really sexy hamstrings!

The muscles along the back of the body are the ones that really stabilize us and keep us erect. These muscle groups need as much attention (if not more) than those along the front (except, ofcourse, that all these groups really need to be balanced. Ignore the front for the back and you're in trouble, too).

It’s best if you can do it in a push/pull manner, but when the gym is busy, I take the moves however the equipment allows.

First: Assisted Dips. Find a assist weight that challenges you but let’s you do reps of 15/12/8. For a stable/unstable workout pair with foot pushes, or another balance move.

Second: Back Extensions. 15/15/15. Any variation you favor. Going unstable? Stretchy-band tricep pushups on one foot. 10 each foot.

Third: Leg Extensions: 15/15/15 Do not go too heavy here. Concentrate on finishing the move.

Back on our feet for the Fourth: One Footed/ One Armed Cable Rows. 15/15/15 each side. Alternate paired sides (r arm/r leg) and opposite sides (r arm/l left). Going more unstable? Pair with one footed tricep pull downs.

Fifth: Leg Press. I’m still doing one leg here to get the strength up, but choose your own poison. Going unstable? Pair with another balance move.

Sixth: Lat Pull Down. Because of the arthritis in my one shoulder, I tend to do these in drop-weight fashion. Heavy for 5-8; drop weight, increase reps. At 20#, it’s until I hit functional failure.

Remember to stretch during rest periods and treat yourself to a good stretch (or foam roll) afterwards. Then hit the showers. We’ve earned it.

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