Monday, June 02, 2008

Getting Back on The Horse What Brung You

So let me review:

I was frustrated and discouraged hating everything about my workouts but still doing them.

Then I worked out with Maria and the world shifted to the side of light and giggles and forever-after giddiness. (like THAT was going to last).

So I got back on the horse what brung me (just do the work, babe, and the results will come), and felt a bit of success.

Tweaked my back, overdid the NSAIDs, reacted (nausea is such an unpleasant thing). Grumpy, depressed and hating things again.

Felt a bit better, worked out, and felt much better. Yes, this is the answer!

Hit some frustration (basic equipment being stolen from the gym, going at times when it's too busy, not working with trainer) and I'm sliding to that shady side of the hill again.

Taking myself to a baseball game this week to find the answer in the sunshine.

Can we say the mood swings are back in force? Wish I could put a finger on the trigger.

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