Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A "bangs trimming moment" in the garden.

We probably all do it. Buy a new plant and promise it and ourselves that we will give it the care it needs to thrive. Water it, fertilize it, and trim it as needed.

But the first year, the plant is small for the spot so you do nothing; the second year, it fills the space nicely so you admire your good taste in choosing it. The third year? The plant threatens to take over your garden and your baffled.

My fern was just such a garden thug before today. Realizing that that bed had been ignored way too long, I began my attack today.

First I simply started trimming the plant back. That reminded me too much of trimming one's bangs. Ya know.. you start to trim just a little off; next thing you know you're "admiring" the fringe above your forehead!!

So I decided to be too soon shmart.. and examined the plant.

I noticed that the stems had a variety of looks: smooth and reddish brown, fuzzy and dark brown, fuzzy and green. I decided that the smooth and light brown ones were the oldest, and worked my way through the plant cutting all of them out. Plus a number of the dark turning lighter brown stems.

The fern now has elbow room to grow.. and some air circulation to keep it healthy. And LOOK at all I trimmed off!!

I hereby pledge to try and keep on the shrub trimming for the garden in the future.

Whatcha Doing Today? uhm.. do you read this blog? I'm gardening.

Reading? A novel by Ben Bova

Steps: Almost 16,000 yesterday.

What's For Dinner, Deb?Breaded chicken boobs, fresh broccoli, cranberry sauce and strawberry shortcake for dessert.