Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Household Repairs.. Still waiting for the Third Shoe.

OK, the sink is repaired. Funny thing about the furnace... it baffles everyone. For 8 years we had a very quiet unit. They replace the motor with one that's supposedly identical in size and power and suddenly we develop a noise that is attributed to too much air being pulled through the system. They think the noise is some kind of harmonic.

It can be fixed by installing a larger cold air return. But... if everything is the same except their motor, WHY???

Anyway, we've talked for 8 years about moving our cold air return, so we'll probably go ahead and have the work done. I'm going to push for some consideration in the price because we're doing this partly because of the noise issue.

Now, why would we be so interested in moving a cold air return? I mean, who thinks about these things?

When they built this house, they installed the cold air return OVER THE STEPS going up to the 2nd floor. Not the landing, not the hallway. The Steps. The spouser, fortunately, is 6'2" with long arms. He can barely change the filter as it's located now. And he doesn't willingly do it often enough.

Hence, the likely move. We'll have them enlarge the run to 18" instead of the small 16" run we have now. It will be lined to increase sound-proofing. And in the current opening over the stairs? I'd like them to install a whole-house fan. I had one in our last home and, like that one, this one could be quickly cooled down most days with the fan running. I might only need to run the AC maybe 3-4 days a year. The fan would be a lot more energy efficient, too.

OK. So the plumbing's been addressed and the HVAC is in the works. Still waiting for the third shoe to drop.

Whatcha Doing Today? Long walk, cleaning, and design work.

What's on TV Tonight? Grey's Anatomy and ER. I am in the minority that does not think that Mer and Der are meant to be together.

Steps? I accidently cleared my pedometer yesterday. Today so far: 6874. Still 9 hours to make up the rest.