Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Why I Need A Trainer

I never was much of one for exercise. Yeah, I'd do it when it when I had to.. but I'd always take the easy way out.

Today I went to the gym to work out. First stop: the treadmill. As soon as it started, I was bargaining with myself, trying to figure out how to shorten my time. I lasted 1.5 miles. (30 minutes).

Next, weight training upper body. Again. I know when it gets hard that's the time it's making a difference. If I quit at that point, the work won't make any difference.

Still, I kept trying to quit.

Now a trainer won't let me. A trainer pushes me to completion. A trainer won't let me get lazy.

Now what does this say?? While I'm invested in losing weight and getting fitter, I'm not yet completely committed. It's not an "anything I can do" proposition. I need to not only get physically stronger, I've got to get emotionally stronger.

And that's a workout only for me.

GOOD/BAD DECISION? Good:extended the dog's walk; two sessions of core exercises.
Whatcha Doing Today? working out, gardening, writing.