Wednesday, December 06, 2006

While The Cat's Away... What Play??

I had such plans for the week! With the spouser out of town for 10 days, I could see catching matinees of movies that he wouldn't wish to see (Shut Up and Sing); lots of non-stop projects around the house; some shopping. His trip is half-over and what has occurred:

  • workmen showing up to do one thing or another and keeping me home for half a day;
  • appointments.. again killing parts of each day.
I got some cleaning done, but not much. Enough to create chaos while working in a couple rooms. I started working on a biggish craft project only to have my Pfaff getcranky. I can't get a balanced stitch no matter what I try. Another plan sinking down the drain.

I have no doctors or repairmen scheduled for tomorrow. A whole day free (after my morning trip to the gym and a stop at the credit union and maybe stop at Staples. OK, there goes the entire morning!! See??)