Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tale of the Scale, 5/08/07

Weight: 136#. No significant lost again this week.

Yesterday I chose to do my cardio work without my MP3 player and headphones as a distraction. I popped on a treadmill, set it at nice 3.2 MPH pace with a slight incline, closed my eyes and did some moving meditation.

It's interesting trying to meditate when one guy is pushing too much weight and screaming loudly enough to be heard outside the gym. Or when weights crash. Or when the gal next to you must take a call on her cellphone. I let these things enter and pass and returned to trying to deeply concentrate.

And I had an "Ah-Ha!!" Moment. Just what I was hoping for.

Why have I become so friggin complacent (go back and read that word a whole lot recently)? It came to me. I am afraid of succeeding.

Now I'm doing a whole post or series of posts on this, so I won't spend time today getting into details. But when it comes to weight loss and fitness, I need to figure out what I get by succeeding vs. what I get from staying where I'm at.

Plans for this week are the same as they have been for the past weeks. Additional goal: keep my fat intake to below 22%. If I keep my calories and fat intake at prescribed levels, I may have a beer (and garlic fries??) at the baseball game on Friday night.