Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tale of the Scale: Well, that wasn't So Bad

Down about 2 pounds from last week. Yeah, some of that is probably water or some whoo-doo but some of it appears to be actual weight loss. Again.


Next piece of good news: Guido was already at work before our workout!! (I think he's starting an hour earlier now.. so that's almost cheating). I did not faint.

And our Pow-Wow over the food proportions wasn't as bad as it might have been. Thank goodness I use FitDay to track my food (though it's not perfect). I could show him that my calorie intake is fine; but I consume just a bit too much fat every day. So we're tweaking.

New breakdown: 20% fat; 22% protein; and 58% carbs. Still don't really know how to increase the carbs without intaking fat (to me except for fruits, carbs exist only as a vehicle for transporting fat.) But I'm willing to try and work this out.

So I made a bowl of polenta (I can eat that with maple syrup and no butter) and I have a pot of a barley-vegetable soup that I'm working through. These will help.

Next week, I think we re-assess.

Plan for week ahead:

Fat: bad. Complex carbs: good. Research more whole grain options.

Tuesday: workout with Guido (back); cardio; core at home.
Wednesday: cardio and core.
Thursday: workout with Guido, cardio.
Friday: rest
Saturday: rest
Sunday: personal low-slow workout.
Monday: Cardio and core