Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tale of the Scale, 9/18

Weight is basically unchanged. However, I was playing with the calculator a couple days ago; when I started working out I weighed 158#. Today I weigh about 125#. That means in the past year I have lost 20% of my total body mass.

I'm going to celebrate that.

Judging by the way I look, I may have about 5# more to go to lean up to where I'd like to be. That would put me squarely in the middle of the BMI chart. Last bloodtest showed that my total cholesterol was down in the 160s (with medication). Although I will never be able to stop taking the statins, recent studies show that if you have risks of heart disease but keep your total cholestrol below 160 you likely never will develop heart disease. If you've already had a small heart attack or other trouble, the goal is under 150. So I've also been successful at making my heart a lot healthier, too.

Double celebration time!!

Last week I mentioned a trip to my podiatrist (again) because my surgically corrected toe was sore again. A different kind of sore, this time, more of a tendon sore but not quite. Went back to so see him today and during his examining the joint I could tell him pinpoint where the pain originated and how it moved.

It's synovial tissue that's inflammed. The synovial stuff covers the joint capsule and lubricates the joints. When the doctor removed the bone spur material last January, he also removed a lot of excess synovial tissue, too. It's not uncommon for it to flare up occasionally after the surgery. It might be that I overworked it (I became a bit compulsive about doing lunges lately; about the only regular exercise that bends and stretches and toe joint), or it might simply be the way the toe will be for the rest of my life.

At the moment, I can do anything I want in the gym as long as I don't bend my left toe. Fortunately, that means just about everything except those lunges.

Got a shot of "dex" cortisone above the joint today. We'll see if that settles the tissue down.

In the meantime no ballet for me.

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