Friday, September 21, 2007

It Was Fun While It Lasted

Well, bragging on my success so far was great fun while it lasted. Unfortunately, reality set in Thursday morning when Guido and I did a body composition analysis again.

First, my weight at the gym is always about 8# higher than when I weigh myself in the morning. Of course, I've eaten breakfast, maybe a snack, and poured down at least a pint or so of water. So I just mentally adjust to these changes. My weight at the gym: 133#.

With the caliper pinch test and a computer program that does all the calculations, it turns out that while I am losing weight, I still have close to a 30% body fat composition.


I was bragging that I am starting to see muscle definition in my abs and arms; Guido pointed out that the muscles are there. They are just hidden under this protective and stubborn layer of fat. You'll have to take my word that I'm getting strong, as it isn't visible.

So we're kicking the diet up a notch.

Of course I overreacted to his suggestion: eat protein only on the days I work out. I understood this to mean some "animal protein".. like chicken or fish. Logical. I can't not have ANY protein in a day. But only on the days that I push weights? Since I can't do cow's milk and eggs would fall in that "animal protein" range... I interpreted this line as: go vegan when you are not lifting weights. Get my protein from grains and beans.

Yes, I spent the next 3 hours emailing "veggie" friends and researching online to try and understand what he was asking of me. As I was trying to figure out how to find time in the next couple days to drive down to Whole Foods for nutritious supplemental yeast, I had a "light bulb" moment.

I always over-react to statements. I normally take things to an extreme that was not intended. OK. I call Guido to make sure that I haven't misunderstood.

I have.

On days when I'm pushing weights (because we're ripping up muscle tissue like mad) I need to eat a little more protein than the days when I'm just doing cardio and stability work or days when I'm resting.

I still need to add more veggies and complex carbs to my diet and keep the fat below 18% of total calories. (hmm... more protein, more carbs and not more fat? But how do I make them taste good? And not dry? All suggestions welcome).

Ya know, I was adjusting to the idea of going "near vegan" before that phone call. I think I may still take the challenge on.

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