Friday, October 19, 2007

Writing Prompt: Write about a first memory


I am wordless but I know. Below me the floor is yellow squares with dark lines. I sit twisted in my chair staring. Staring down.

I am wordless but I know down and I want to know what down is. The food falls off my spoon, slips through my fingers, escapes my chair and goes down. I know down is different. It is different than my spoon, further than my fingers, separate from this chair. Something in down changes food from from blank to blank. I don't know what the change is, but I recognize that it occurs.

I am wordless yet I know this change. Over and over food goes down and becomes changed upon the yellow below.

I am wordless still, yet I have discovered gravity.

One of our writing prompts this week is to write our first memory of one of the elements. Haven't done that yet; but, it reminded me of my very earliest memory. I was quite young, this was before I had language. So at what age do kids get fascinated with throwing things from their high chairs onto the floor?

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