Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tale of the Scale: 11/28

Weight: I am at my goal weight of 120# on my home scale. Ofcourse the gym scale (accurate) is 6# pounds higher. But it's also I've had 2 meals, 2 cups of coffee and about 3 glasses of water. Those things add up. My choice last week was to stop carrying what that scale said.

Haven't had my talk with Guido yet (he called in sick today), but I foresee us butting head on whether I'm actually "off" the weight loss track or not. I appreciate that he sees his role as encouraging me to be the best me I can be. Honestly, I've come a lot further than I ever thought I would. I think I've come further than he expected me to. But he expects me to be 120# on his scale. And I'm just not that invested in doing that work anymore.

Worked out today, but my head wasn't much in it. It was sufficient.. I'm going to feel it. It wasn't kick-ass.

And today, even that is OK with me.

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