Thursday, November 29, 2007

Zodiak-Wacky: December

Phyllis Firak-Mitz has presented me me with yet another interesting monthly prediction:

Cancer (June 22nd – July 22nd)
“Most Cancers don’t recover well from brazen fights. They can be deeply wounded and sent into hiding in their shells indefinitely. Sidestep heated rages and instead express the deeper feeling underneath your anger. When Cancer understands you’re feeling misery or vulnerability they’ll rise to the occasion and start comforting you.” p. 95

YOU: This December is about YOU: You and your image, You and your Relationships, You and your Work. Even if those around you seem more important or dominant, You are still in the driver’s seat. So keep standing up for yourself and asserting your preferences. And remember: a little negotiation never hurt anybody. Look for win-wins.

YOUR IMAGE is still transforming as Mars retrograding in your sign encourages you to express even more of your personal power. It’s an excellent time for self- promotion and taking more risks with your physical image. Let your sex appeal and confidence shine! Mars can also help you elevate your social image, as it supports your being assertive and proactive. Just be careful to avoid letting Mars’ irritability take hold: It can rile you into unnecessary conflicts and ultimatums, especially during the holidays. Hint: If you find yourself irked this December, ask yourself what you really want and go for that that. Fighting with or trying to destroy what you don’t want might not be as productive.

RELATIONSHIPS are also extremely active and intense, especially after the 19th when Jupiter, the planet of expansion, enters your relationship arena. This is a big deal! Jupiter’s fortunate vibration will help you to attract remarkable people and partners into your life over the coming 12 months. So bring on the charm! This expansive energy can also work to bring a significant relationship to a crossroads late December, as it can intensify any differences between you and others. Growing with the new dynamics stirring between you and others can ultimately be more satisfying than trying to hold on to “what used to be” You are changing and your relationships are changing, too – run with it! But should an alliance want to grow in a different direction than you want to it might be time to let them go.

LOVE can be made sweeter and sexier, as Venus adds her amorous energy to your love life. She’ll heighten your attractiveness all month, but especially so December 12th, 16th-19th.

WORK may also hit a powerful peak this December. Much of what you’ve been working towards might be coming to a head, albeit in a way that surprises you a little. Good things can unfold, but you might have to make some adjustments as they do, especially from the 19th on. Your coworkers and employees might be changing as well.

CONTACTS, COMMUNICATION, TRAVEL are highlighted too, as you may be making more serious decisions and conducting important conversations. You might need to use flexibility in your communications and travel, though, especially the 6th-11th as circumstances outside of your direct control might alter your plans. Don’t worry and don’t rush: with a little persistence, you can find great, workable solutions.

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