Sunday, June 08, 2008

Question of the year.. can I call myself a blogger when I forget to blog regularly? I need to set myself up a schedule, write it down and stick to it!

I missed last week's Tale of the Scale somewhere in here. Tuesday is supposed to be a "measures" day (have I maintained that 28% body fat? Converted more to muscle? Or more to fat? We'll soon find out). So I'll do this week's Tale after that.

Lately, I have not been disciplined about planning out my meals. I'm not sure if it's because we're kind of between seasons, so what I can get in the grocery store is limited (or too expensive); yet there isn't a great choice at the farmer's market yet. Or if I've gotten lazy. Or if.. or if...

The result of this lack of planning are too many habitual meals like I used to make. Not necessarily unhealthy, but too high in carbs and saturated fats and too low in vegetables. I wish I wrote down food plans and saved them; I could just look back a few weeks (or months) to remember what it was I doing.

Does it matter? I don't feel as good as did a few weeks ago; my moods are swinging like a chandelier in an earthquake; I'm not sleeping as well as I was. So, yeah, I think I need to examine this more closely.

Back to the flexitarian diet? I think so. Maybe tell the spouse he's going to have to be responsible for a couple of his own meals during the week. (yeah, part of it is laziness. He won't eat what I'm eating and with limited time I don't always want to double cook..)

Do any of you deal with a variety of diets when you're preparing meals? I know you if you have little ones you can't tell them to cook for themselves.. but how do you deal with this?

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